Corinth Mycenae Nafplion Sparta Ancient Olympia Delphi Meteora Tour

Five Days

1st day Highlights

Departing from Athens our first day’s itinerary includes
  • Canal of Corinth: A 6klm long Canal connecting the Peloponnese peninsula with the mainland.
  • Ancient Corinth: In the archaeological area you will see ruins of where the city of Ancient Corinth used to be, one of the wealthiest city states in Ancient Greece. In the museum you will find statues, mosaics, pottery and other artifacts from that era.
  • Mycenae: The place where the Cyclopean Walls are, the Lions Gate as also the Treasury of Atreus known as the Tomb of Agamemnon.
  • Nafplion: A walk around the picturesque first capital of modern Greek state. Lunch to taste the greek cuisine next to the sea plus take amazing photos from the top of its castle , Palamidi Castle.
  • We drive to Sparta and stay overnight.

2nd day Highlights

Our first stop of the day is going to be Ancient Sparta. There you will have the chance to see :
  • The Tomb of Leonidas
  • The Menelaion
  • Archaeological Museum: with artifacts discovered in the surrounding area of Sparta.
  • Olive museum: Unique in Greece, it is located in the heart of Laconia, one of the main olive producing locations in Greece.
We continue a 6 km distance from Sparta to reach:
Castle of Mystras:Where the Byzantine State of Peloponnese used to be. Today it is ruined with some buildings being restored, such as the palaces. Today a valuable source of Knowledge of the history, the art and the culture of the last two centuries of Byzantium. There are also churches ana monasteries to visit:
  • Cathedral Of Saint Dimitrios
  • Church of Panagia Odigitria (or Theotokos the guide)
  • Church of Saint Theodores
  • Church Of Saint Sophia
  • Monastery of Panagia Perivleptos
  • Monastery of Panagia Pantanassa (female monastery)
Afte having lunch at the area at a local tavern we will drive to Ancient Olympia to spend the night.

3rd day Highlights

We visit Ancient Olympia , a place known for having been the site of the Olympic Games in classical times. In the area you will see:
  • Temple of Hera: In honor of goddess Hera. Also the starting point of the Olympic torch relay.
  • Temple of Zeus: To honor God Zeus. The temple used to house one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Chryselephantine statue of Zeus by Pheidias.
  • The Philippeion: dedicated by Philip II, King of Macedon, himself an Olympic champion in chariot racing.
  • Stadium of Olympia: with a 192.28 m length and a 45,000 spectators capacity was the greatest stadium in Ancient Greece.
  • Prytaneion: the seat of the government in Ancient Greece as also the place the ceremonies to honor the winners took place.
  • Olympia’s archaeological museum: You will find collections cross 12 halls and over 3,500 years of history. Renowned for its sculptures and for its collection of ancient Greek bronzes, which is the richest in the world, it goes without saying that the Archaeological Museum of Olympia ranks among the most important museums in Greece.
  • After lunch we drive to Delphi and spend the night there.

4th day Highlights

Our fourth day’s itinerary includes
  • Delphi: The place that in Ancient Greece was considered the “Centre of the World” .
In the archaeological area you will see:
  • Delphic oracle: the most important oracle of classical greek world.
  • The Temple of Apollo: as Delphi was the major site for the worship of the god in Ancient Greece.
  • The Ancient Stadium
  • The Ancient Gymnasium
  • The Castalian Fountain
  • Tholo of Athena Pronaia
  • The archaeological museum with interesting statues and many other artifacts.
  • Lunch at a local greek tavern with traditional greek cuisine. Afterwards we drive to Meteora to stay overnight.

5th day Highlights

  • On our last day we are going to visit Meteora (spectacular rock formations on which 6 Greek Orthodox Monasteries were built, also famous as featured on big screen in the James Bond movie “For Your Eyes Only”). There you will have the time to visit 3 monasteries.
  • Time for lunch to taste the local greek cuisine.
  • On our way back to Athens we make our last stop at Thermopylae or “Hot Gates”. A narrow coastal passage in which the world famous battle took place between the Greek forces (notably the Spartans) and the invading Persian forces.

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